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Reduces Furniture Fading by Blocking 99% of UV Rays

Reduces Up To 77% of Solar Heat

Reduces Utility Cooling Costs

Reduces skin damage by Blocking 99% of UV Rays

Reduces Up To 82% of Screen Glare

How Solar Window FIlms Works

"Window film blocks direct solar heat to reduce summer cooling demand, and insulates to reduce summer and winter energy use" - u.s general services administration
Results you can actually feel
Reduce heat in your home and insulate your windows from energy loss. Cross for Trading offers and installs window tinting for all seasons. Whether it's to reduce heat & glare or have better winter insulation to reduce hot and cold spots in your home, we've got you covered! Commonly referred to as UV window film and Low-e film, solar film is the best solution to maximize the performance of your existing windows and block the suns heat. Not to mention, we stand behind our products.

for Your Home

Keep your home comfortable, help protect interiors from fading, and improve your curb appeal.


Reduce energy usage, improve productivity, and upgrade to a professional exterior aesthetic.

for Your Safety

Create an invisible layer of security to help protect your loved ones and assets from weather, intrusion, and impact.




Rejecting solar heat improves comfort and keeps you cool.



Carbon-negative solutions proven to save money on energy use



Solar Gard window film is equivalent to SPF 285 for your windows.



Blocking solar glare and bright lights offers visual comfort.

Solar Saving Films

Solar window films provide multiple solutions for homes, businesses, cars and transportation. They reject solar energy to improve comfort Your around and provide impressive energy savings.


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Performance Results 4mm 4/12/4mm
Visible Light
RE/Ri(%)Reflectance Exterior/Interior37/3639/36
Solar Energy
IRER(%)IR Energy Rejection @780-2500mm8777
UV(%)Blocked @300-380mm>99>99
TSER(%)Total solar energy rejected7968
TSER(%)-60°Total solar energy rejected @60° angle8171


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Performance Results 4mm 4/12/4mm
Visible Light
RE/Ri(%)Reflectance Exterior/Interior58/5858/59
Solar Energy
IRER(%)IR Energy Rejection @780-2500mm8473
UV(%)Blocked @300-380mm>99>99
TSER(%)Total solar energy rejected8070
TSER(%)-60°Total solar energy rejected @60° angle8274


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Performance Results 4mm 4/12/4mm
Visible Light
RE/Ri(%)Reflectance Exterior/Interior33/3035/31
Solar Energy
IRER(%)IR Energy Rejection @780-2500mm7466
UV(%)Blocked @300-380mm>99>99
TSER(%)Total solar energy rejected6356
TSER(%)-60°Total solar energy rejected @60° angle6862


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Performance Results 4mm 4/12/4mm
Visible Light
RE/Ri(%)Reflectance Exterior/Interior26/2430/26
Solar Energy
IRER(%)IR Energy Rejection @780-2500mm6761
UV(%)Blocked @300-380mm>99>99
TSER(%)Total solar energy rejected5751
TSER(%)-60°Total solar energy rejected @60° angle6258


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Performance Results 4mm 4/12/4mm
Visible Light
RE/Ri(%)Reflectance Exterior/Interior17/1622/19
Solar Energy
IRER(%)IR Energy Rejection @780-2500mm5349
UV(%)Blocked @300-380mm>99>99
TSER(%)Total solar energy rejected4441
TSER(%)-60°Total solar energy rejected @60° angle5150


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Performance Results 4mm 4/12/4mm
Visible Light
RE/Ri(%)Reflectance Exterior/Interior13/1218/17
Solar Energy
IRER(%)IR Energy Rejection @780-2500mm4242
UV(%)Blocked @300-380mm>99>99
TSER(%)Total solar energy rejected3435
TSER(%)-60°Total solar energy rejected @60° angle4245

70Ultra Performance

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Performance Results 3mm glass
Visible Light
TR(%) @550nmTransmittance at 550 nm73
Re(%)Reflectance Exterior8
Ri(%)Reflectance Interior8
GR(%)Glare Reduction19
Solar Energy
TSER(%)Total solar energy rejected37
SHGR(%)Solar Heat gain Reduction28
IR(%)IR Rejection 780-2500nm85
UV(%)Ultraviolet light blocked @300-700nm>99

How Office Window Tinting Enhances Your Commercial Space

Reduce Heat

When energy from the sun hits a window, some of the energy is soaked up and some of it is reflected, but a majority of it will go right through the glass. This means a lot of heat enters your commercial building or office space glass and can get hot, really quick. Solar film is an affordable way to reject this heat, and not only increase employee and customer comfort but also making your space energy efficient. You can reduce your electricity bill while keeping your space cool and comfortable!

Reduced Glare

Having windows in an office or commercial space is always positive. Employees are kept happy and a ton of natural light is let in. However, with a lot of windows typically comes glare, as the light reflects off the glass. Glare can be extremely annoying for people working in the space and can even decrease productivity and motivation. Solar film helps reduce glare without having to compromise the views and the light that glass windows offer!

Protection Against Sun Fading

A fun fact about all window film is that it will block 99% of UVA and UVB rays, which is awesome. UVA and UVB rays are the leading cause of sun fading. By blocking 99% of them, you can protect your furniture and valuable office belongings from sun fading. It is important to note that solar film isn’t going to completely prevent sun fading from happening, but it will significantly prolong it and extend the lifespan of your furnishings. Not to mention, it also increases safety for people working in the space as these ultraviolet rays also play a big part in skin cancer. Most definitely a win-win situation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Solar Control Window Films

How much heat does solar window film reduce?

Solar film, decorative window film, anti graffiti film, security window film and custom graphics all reduce heat, but different window films reduce different amounts of heat. Solar window film can reduce up to 75% of the heat coming through your windows. Generally, the darker shade of window tint you choose to have installed, the more heat the window film will block. However, ceramic films contain no metal or dye, meaning they are optically clear, and they can also reject up to 75% of heat.

Is solar film installed on the interior or exterior?

Most solar film is installed on the interior of windows in both residential and commercial settings. In fact, the majority of the products are made for interior installation. However, exterior window tints are available for both residential and commercial settings. Exterior window film is commonly used for large buildings or double pane glass that is easily accessible to reach from the exterior. Building wraps are a great example of when Solar Art uses exterior window film.

Can I get nighttime privacy with solar film?

You can get daytime privacy with solar film but the current window tint products that are available do not allow for night time privacy if the lights are on. You can use a decorative window film such as a frosted to achieve night time privacy, however, you will not be able to see in or out of that window during the day or night

How do I clean window film?

Window film can be cleaned with non abrasive materials such as a micro-fiber cloth and ammonia free liquid solutions. It can take up to 60 days for window film to fully dry, so be sure to wait that amount of time before trying to clean your windows.

Is solar control film easy to apply?

Applying any window film, including tinted or reflective film is a simple task even for a novice. The key is to ensure that the glass is clean and free from specs of paint or dirt as these will show up under the film. Then, it's just a matter of spraying the adhesive side of the film and the glass with a soapy water solution and once the film is on the glass to squeeze the water from underneath the film with a squeegee.

Is solar control film durable and easy to maintain?

Our solar films come with a scratch resistant coating making them very resilient and long lasting. Our films come with a 5 to 10 year warranty depending on the type of film, but will last for many more years. Window film is easy to clean using soapy water.