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Cross For Trading Decorative Films increase privacy and cut glare without significant reduction of light. They make environments safer by holding shattered glass together, and by improving the visibility of glass doors and partitions.
Cross For Trading Decorative Films are water resistant, scratch resistant, easy to maintain and simple to change for new styles and designs. They come in two types: vinyl, strictly for decorative purposes and in solar control versions that also protect the life of furnishings and fabrics by screening up to 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. No matter which ones you choose, Cross For Trading decorative films will bring out the designer in you. Interior vinyl decorative film series have a deep etch (4.5 mil (112 micron)) and are self-adhesive with a matte finish suitable for both wet and dry applications. Interior solar control decorative films have a 6 mil (150 micron) gauge and come in black opaque, white opaque and clear frost. These Cross For Trading films reject up to 77% of the total solar energy – providing you greater temperature stability and comfort while reducing solar heat gain and bothersome glare. For high security installations, black opaque and white opaque prevent interior viewing and provide complete privacy.

Window Film Viewer

Explore how film changes the look, light, and mood of an interior with our commercial window film viewer. Select decorative or solar to begin, choose your point of view, then click on individual products to get a photographic preview. Use the Specs button on the lower left; it instantly downloads performance specifications for your selected film.

Most Popular Privacy & Decorative Films Types

Frosted window film

Diffuses light, increasing both privacy and comfort for people behind the glass. Choose different levels of opacity for custom privacy options. Frosted window film is ideal for bathrooms, shower doors, kitchen windows, entryways and other home windows that require both privacy and light.

Gradient window film

Comes in different colors, patterns, levels of light, and gradient positions on your glass for maximum privacy. Gradient film is ideal for bathroom windows and shower doors where you want to see out but also want privacy.

Patterned window film

Visually separates your windows from the outside without much loss of light or views. We offer geometric film, modern designs, classic motifs and more that match your home’s aesthetic. Get a different design on every window!

Blackout & Whiteout Window Films

Block light both in and out for total protection. Both are ideal for garages and spare rooms where absolute privacy is needed and light isn’t important. Choose other colors like white, blue, and bronze depending on your space.

Coloured Vinyl Film

Colored window film available by the meter or cut to your exact measurements. Many colors to choose from including gold, silver, chrome, fluorescent. Ideal for covering glass, metal, plastic, varnished wood, or any smooth non porous surfaces. We also have a range of colored frosts and colored translucent films for glass. Colored window film is easy to apply using soapy water and a squeegee. The material is durable and can be removed at a later stage if necessary.

Decorative 1 Decorative 2 Decorative 3

Printed Design Window Film

Something for everyone. Wide range of stylish window film designs printed to your exact measurements, and easy to apply in minutes. Our stained glass effect window film designs are printed to order to your exact measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Privacy & Decorative Window Films

Can you see through the film?

The stained glass effect, once printed, is translucent, but not transparent. Our designs can either be printed on clear film (non-frosted) for added color vibrancy, or on frosted film for added privacy. Non-Frosted film will still allow for some privacy so would be ideal for a front door, but we wouldn't recommend it's use in a bathroom where privacy is more critical.

Is the film applied internally or externally?

As a rule, and for durability, our films are printed for internal application, and can only be applied to smooth, non-textured glass.

Is the film suitable for bathrooms and kitchens?

Yes, it is. The film, once applied to the glass is resistant to condensation, but please avoid direct contact with water.

Any tips on which design I should choose?

Try to find a design that suits your interior or color scheme. If you are planning to paint your front door for example, either select a color for the door and find a suitable design within that color range, or select a design and match the color to your door.

The shape of my window is different to your designs?

If your window is arched for example, just order a bigger square or oblong piece which will cover the whole pane, and trim the excess material once applied to the glass, using a retractable knife.